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Meet our Member: Arthur, Owner of Mammoth Springs

The Mammoth Springs Development is one of the best and most unique mixed used developments in Waukesha County.  It is a stunning development, and a great place for people to live with majestic views of the quarry pond.  People are able to enjoy the outdoors with the Bug Line Trail as well as scenic walks around the magnificent quarry. Soon people will be able to shop and relax with a cup of coffee around the outdoor fire pit from the exquisite coffee and tea shop in the retail buildings that also features outdoor seating on a warm day.

When asked what Arthur Sawall  and Mammoth Springs enjoy the most about the Chamber, he replied…

“The best thing about being a Chamber member is it has brought attention to our business name and Community.  The Chamber continues to bring focus to our area which aides in local business and economic development.”

Thank you Arthur for your kind words on the impact the Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce has on you and Mammoth Springs!