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Mon Jun, 24

All of these new people are killing our company culture!

By Jason Kayzar, VP Sales & Service, Power Test


Your company is growing, revenues are through the roof and there never seems to be enough time in the day. Everything should smell like roses, but instead it smells like… well, not roses. Read more

Thu Mar, 7

Developing from Within vs. Hiring from the Outside

Developing from Within vs. Hiring from the Outside

Written by: Megan Tzanoukakis Vice President of Supply Chain – Sussex IM

With the unemployment rate in Waukesha county at historic lows, it can be especially challenging to find and retain the best talent. Read more

Fri Jan, 12

Meet John and Kris

2018 is not going to be your typical year for the Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce

Our newest Board members Kris Zehren and John Berg are looking forward to calling our Sussex Area Chamber members that are either retail or manufacturing focused. Read more

Sat Dec, 16

Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Keith Everson with Award

The Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce showed appreciation of Keith Everson’s efforts in furthering the Chamber’s mission at the final board meeting of 2017. “Keith’s leadership and support of the Sussex Area Chamber and the community has been phenomenal” states Executive Director, Kathryn Wagner.  Read more

Tue Oct, 17

Tell us what you want for next year

Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce Member Needs Survey

Your Sussex Area Chamber Board is planning for next year. We want to prioritize what we do based on the needs of our members. Please consider answering the following questions to help us bring you continued value with your membership. Read more

Fri Sep, 1

September is Chamber of Commerce Month


Did you know there are 267 local chambers of commerce in Wisconsin?  Whether they focus on advocacy, tourism, economic development, or community events, they all play an important role in our state. Read more

Mon Aug, 28

Arthur Sawall and Mammoth Springs

Meet our Member: Arthur, Owner of Mammoth Springs

The Mammoth Springs Development is one of the best and most unique mixed used developments in Waukesha County.  It is a stunning development, and a great place for people to live with majestic views of the quarry pond.  Read more

Wed May, 31

Growing Schools, Growing Community

Sussex is the place to LIVE.WORK.PLAY. And now, more people than ever know it. The community has been experiencing a huge influx of families and businesses. Take a drive down Main Street and see how the Sussex landscape is expanding. Signs of this growth are showing up in the Hamilton School District as well where enrollments are projected to increase beyond school capacities in the next five years. Read more

Fri Apr, 28

Hamilton Education Foundation joins the Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce

Sussex, WI – The Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce (SACC) recently welcomed the Hamilton Education Foundation (HEF) as a new member. HEF is a nonprofit organization established in June 1991 by friends and supporters of the Hamilton School District to generate financial support for programs and projects. Read more