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Meet our Member: D&K Sales

DK Sales has promoted packaging along with visionary solutions for our clients for over 25 years.  Not just solutions through automation and time tested methodology but process work flow that is designed around everyone’s unique team members and applications.

If your business is looking for a competitive edge and needs that advantage,  then you should touch base with one of our representative’s and see how DK Sales can take your business packaging processes and begin the transformation into a healthier bottom line. Why focus merely on your low cost packaging commodities when your true solutions and savings are outside of the box.

When asked what Scott Jankowski and D&K Sales enjoy the most about the Chamber, he replied… “Being a member of our Sussex Area Chamber has given DK Sales the opportunity to be involved & simply  give back more within our community then we would have by not participating within a greater dynamic.”

To contact D&K Sales


Scott Jankowski, President

Office/Customer Svc:  262-820-3535

FAX:  262-820-3333