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Sussex is the place to LIVE.WORK.PLAY. And now, more people than ever know it. The community has been experiencing a huge influx of families and businesses. Take a drive down Main Street and see how the Sussex landscape is expanding. Signs of this growth are showing up in the Hamilton School District as well where enrollments are projected to increase beyond school capacities in the next five years.


The Village of Sussex is located approximately 19 miles northwest of the City of Milwaukee and is part of the Milwaukee metropolitan area. The village comprises 7.77 square and has a population of 10,700. There are many things to do in this community from public libraries, golf courses, municipal parks, bike and snowmobile trails and a county park with swimming, camping and ski trails. The Village is dedicated to maintaining its small town atmosphere and preserving the high quality of life. The leadership of Sussex is committed to ensuring an adequate supply of quality housing, attracting quality jobs and providing development and other economic opportunities for existing business owners and future entrepreneurs are top priorities.


The Hamilton School District covers about 35 square miles, has about 25,000 residents and serves 4,735 students. Read more about the 10 key findings from the district’s Community Facilities Advisory Committee that studied community growth, enrollment projections and facility needs of the Hamilton School District.


Top TEN reasons Sussex is a great place to LIVE.WORK.PLAY:

  1. Best places to raise kids
  2. One of the top school systems
  3. Low crime, affordable housing
  4. Headquarters to top corporations
  5. Outstanding park, trails and golf courses,
  6. Growth opportunities for businesses
  7. Central hub to key destinations
  8. Engaged families and community
  9. Diverse career opportunities.

Why not come out and visit our neighborhoods this summer. We have many events and activities you’ll enjoy. Who knows….you may not want to leave!