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Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce is excited announce the PEAK Speaker Series.

The 2019 Speaker Series will be focusing on all aspects of the employment process from attraction thru retention. This four part series will take place over the 2019 calendar year with different business professionals speaking on each topic.
Join us as we reach for the PEAK.

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Session I- Setting the Foundation – February 19, 2019

“If we build it, they will come.”
Your company culture is one of the biggest success factors in becoming an employer of choice.

SPEAKER: Teresa M. Lux, President, Community Memorial Hospital Chief Operating Officer, Community Hospital Division

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Session II- Living the Foundation – April 10, 2019

“We built it, now we live it.”
Operating out of your company’s culture throughout all connections building trust and loyalty.

SPEAKER: John McHugh, Director of Corporate Communications, Leadership Development and Training, KWIK Trip, Inc.

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Session III- Employees Drive Success – July 18, 2019

“We built it, we are living it, now we use it.”
The measure of an employee’s engagement to the company is critical to the organization’s success.

SPEAKER: Christine Specht, President & CEO – Cousins Subs

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Session IV- Continuous Collaboration – October 15, 2019

“We built it, we live it, we use it, now let’s keep it going.”
Employees living your culture have the responsibility to implement continuous and significant improvements. These opportunities to impact your business are attractive to the market place.

SPEAKER: Mike Natalizo, CEO/CRO – HNI Risk Services

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