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Alright everyone, play along. Any guesses as to the best job in America? Beer taster? Wastepaper basket repairman? Video game tester? Wrong.

The best job in America is mine. According to me anyway. But don’t be discouraged, the second best job in America is still available. It’s located at the intersection of passion and purpose, and I hear it pays pretty well too.

So what is my job, this most awesome of all occupations? It doesn’t matter. I wasn’t born into my job, it took me almost 50 years to find it and I had no map or GPS along the way. Ultimately, I was lucky enough to find a career that matched my passion with my sense of purpose AND my skillset and experience. I wake up on Monday mornings excited to get going, energized to move forward and anxious to close out the day feeling like I’ve accomplished something.

It wasn’t always this way. I’ve been a dishwasher, I’ve run a drill press and I’ve run a health club. I’ve sold bicycles and I’ve sold phones. I’ve started a business, worked for two other start-ups and worked for a Fortune 500 company. All of the jobs were good and all of them were bad. I was paid to perform a function at all of them (with the exception of one of the start-ups, but that’s a different article).

I am meant to add value to the world in a way that no one else can. Many people land on a “good enough” job and before they realize it, they’re pot committed – a family to support, a mortgage to pay, too far down the rabbit hole to roll the dice on something they’d be a better fit for. I was one of those people until a few years ago. I was working at a company that, on paper, was a great match for me. Except that the paper version was not the same as the real world version. I was miserable, but I had a family and a mortgage and…

Eventually I began reaching out to some of the people in my life that were successful. The people that were happy. The people that had purpose in life. The people that had passion. I had no agenda; I set up meetings and I began telling people what I was good at, and what I enjoyed. And the more I told people, the more clear it became to me. At one point a friend hooked me up with a friend of hers who happened to own a growing company. He didn’t know he was looking for me, but after our first meeting I was convinced that he was. A few months later I sat down at my desk at his company and pressed “GO” and never looked back.

The job I have today and the company that pays me are just extensions of who I am. The PEAK Speaker Series was designed to help employers and employees find this common ground: passion and purpose. Make your company THE place that the ideal employees want to be. Help employees find THEIR ideal company. So roll the dice, and join us on February 19th. You just might find what you’re looking for.