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Meet our Member: Vicki Pinnow, HR Manager of Waukesha Metal Products

Vicki is the human resources manager at Waukesha® Metal Products. Not only has she been an active Board member of the Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce for more than 13 years, six of those years have been as treasurer.

Waukesha Metal Products is an innovative leader in precision sheet metal stamping and fabrication, component assembly, and tool and die manufacturing. With more than 40 years of manufacturing experience, Waukesha Metal Products is an international full-service metal stamping and fabrication partner dedicated to delivering high quality and best value products to its customers. Waukesha Metal Products has been an active Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce member since 2004.

When asked what Vicki and Waukesha Metal Products enjoy the most about the Chamber, she replied…

“The best thing about being a Chamber member is that the networking opportunities and educational programs offered are exceptional! Chamber events have given our company the opportunity to promote careers in manufacturing to students within our community and county.”

Thank you Vicki for your kind words on the impact the Sussex Area Chamber of Commerce has on you and Waukesha Metal Products!